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Vector Analysis

  • A proprietary software used for quickly providing reliable performance data for the Vector Techlok Clamp Connector.

  • Developed and expanded over a 20 year period to meet the increasing demands of Engineering Clients, and to support the main Techlok product range in-house.

  • Its credentials go back to the original Type Approval issued by Bureau Veritas for the Vector  Techlok Clamp Connector. Since then, the basic equations established for calculating the stresses within the connector components have essentially remained unchanged – and the award of Type Approval is still valid today.

  • Input and output has been greatly simplified and improved such that the user can achieve virtually instantaneous data on any given selection of the Vector Techlok product. In addition the user can build up a database of connectors for a particular piping class or specification and save the database for further evaluation or revision. The database can be edited at any time if there are changes to the design which need to be revised.

  • The database can be displayed or saved in spreadsheet format for inclusion into client reports or documentation.

  • Output is also available as a performance graph for each individual connector selected.

  • The software is available for limited release to selected clients as a Beta release, as further improvements are being developed on an on-going basis.



Screenshots of Vector Analysis Tool in action :

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