Vector | Subsea Applications
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Subsea Applications
Specialist Subsea ROV Clamp Connectors and Engineered Products
  • Vector Optima ROV operated subsea connector for high pressure, high integrity deep water connections (risers, flowlines, flexibles and manifolds etc) and end terminations (pig launcher, traps & receivers).
  • Vertical and horizontal Subsea Pig Launcher Receivers, Pig Launcher Connectors and Pig Launcher End Closures.
  • Duoseal – Double metal to metal seal with internal pressure seal and external environmental seal with full insitu integrity testing.
  • Vector Optima compact simple design give cost effective reliable connections even in ultradeep water.
  • Vector Optima Tooling – Standard ROV and hydraulic drive actuation, Hydraulic RAM actuation, Sealring removal tools, Sealface cleaning tools, Hot stab systems, Soft land and pull-in systems, Horizontal and vertical installation tooling
  • Vector Optima Accessories - Pull-in plugs (for subsea riser pull-in operation), Pull-in heads, Pressure test caps, Static Clamps
  • Bespoke engineered products to suit in-house or customer specifications and designs.