Vector | SPO Compact Flange - SPO-S CF Subsea Flange connector 
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SPO-S CF : the standard of subsea flanges

Most comprehensive range of bolted pipeline connectors for subsea applications
With the introduction of the 5K, 10K and 15K (*) Vector SPO Compact Flange standards, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies now offers a comprehensive range of bolted pipeline connectors for all recognised subsea piping applications. These additions to the already extensive Vector SPO range ensure that we are more than capable of meeting the diverse requirements of all our clients. The SPO-S CF range offers an alternative that engineers have been waiting for and represents the ideal choice on an even greater variety of subsea applications.

(*) + 20K designed to order

Outperforms API flanges on all levels API 6A/17D flanges are today still being used in subsea systems which were initially not designed for standard pipe and fitting dimensions and, therefore, are not fully compatible. The main reason for this is simply because engineers had no alternative in the past, but today they have ! The SPO-S CF range is fully compatible with standard piping material. Besides weld neck and blind flanges we can also offer rigid interfaces, integral flanges and swivel ring flanges. This makes the SPO-S CF the most suitable subsea flange connector for subsea pipelines and risers (fully compliant with DNV OS-F201), subsea production flowlines, subsea gas-lift and water injection flowlines, subsea metering equipment, subsea valves, pumps and compressors, christmas tree equipment,...

Advantages of SPO-S CF vs API Flange :

      (*)  example : Swivel flanges 10K  API 17D only available up to 11”, SPO CF-S available up to 24”
  • Designed to suit standard ASME B36.10M nominal pipe size : High pressure flanges for subsea ASME B31.3 piping systems SPO-S Compact Flanges are designed to suit standard ASME B36.10M nominal pipe size, therefore, eliminating the necessity to incorporate tapers through the length of the flange to match bore the corresponding pipe.
  • Flush bore : Reducing the likelihood of flow disturbance / flow irregularities whilst also offering ideal conditions for your pigging processes, a requirement of DNV-OS-F201.
  • Exceptional fatigue characteristics : SPO-S Compact Flanges possess superior fatigue properties than both API and ASME flanges. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing confirms that the SPO Compact Flange fatigue properties exceed; those of the weld adjoining the corresponding pipe.
  • Limited leakage probability : SPO-S Compact Flanges possess equivalent integrity to a girth welded pipe joint from a leakage probability perspective.
  • Swivel ring flanges : SPO-S Compact Flanges are DNV type approval qualified and available in swivel design for all sizes listed within each pressure class.

Weight & dimension comparison chart :

Beside its superior performance, the SPO Compact Flange saves weight, overall length and reduces outside diameter.
NOTE : following SPO-S CF sizes are also available but are not included in the table because they are not covered by API : ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1½”, 14”, 18”,22” and 24”.

Swivel FlangesAvailable in all sizes within each Vector SPO Compact Flange pressure class, SPO compact swivel ring flanges are designed to be at least as strong as the mating weld neck flange. Vector SPO compact swivel ring flanges are specifically designed to withstand the gross assembly load applied when hydraulic tensioning are acting simultaneously upon each bolt-set at time of flange assembly.

Complies to most common subsea standards


Differences between SPO-S CF and a standard Compact Flange