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Vector SPO Compact Flange - Benefits

The Vector SPO Compact Flange has been used across the globe since 1989, offshore, onshore and subsea, offering significant weight and space savings over conventional flanges, leak-free joint integrity and therefore is the most effective environmentally friendly piping joint available today. Its double sealing action prevents hydrocarbon releases, addressing health and safety issues and concerns. Typically weighing between 70 - 82% less than a conventional flange, the Vector  SPO Compact Flange is designed using state-of-the-art finite element analysis and is in full accordance with ASME VIII, Div 2 provisions and with ANSI/ASME B31.3.

  • The Vector  SPO Compact flange is a smaller and lighter proven alternative to conventional ASME flanges (see comparison further below)
  • No corrosion/erosion problems on Vector SPO compact flange faces (eliminates the need for costly weld overlay of the seat )
  • Static connection : No relative flange movement of SPO components even under extreme loads.The only flange that meets the strict design requirements in DNV-OS-F201 ( Dynamic Risers ) and ISO 13628-7.
  • Full flush bore : flange faces have full contact so nothing can disturb the flow
  • Superior sealing and load carrying capability
  • No leakage and no re-tightening of bolts required
  • Easy, quick and reliable make-up. A cost effective and technically superior connection for pipework and associated equipment. Compact flanges are so much easier to assemble compared to conventional flanges.
  • A wider range of pressure classes and sizes than any other flange standard
  • Vector SPO Compact Swivel Flanges available in all sizes and pressure classes
  • Suitable for high pressure (available up to 20,000psi) or extreme temperature requirements
  • Reuseable metal sealrings


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