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Vector Optima - Tooling & Accessories

Drive Boxes
• Externally accessed drive configuration
• Design available to customer’s specification and equipment
• ROV accessed and controlled
• API 17D drivebox configuration as standard and bespoke

• Hydraulic drives
• Hydraulic ram actuation (integral or removable)
• Standard ROV torque
• Electrical Actuation


Pull-in Plug

• Used for subsea riser pull-in operation
• Provided end stop for hydrotesting
• ROV latch/un-latch operation
• Engages into inner profile of Optima hub

Sealring Removal Tool• A compact and light weight tool that is inserted into 
  the Vector Duoseal sealring by the ROV manipulator.
• Actuated hydraulically to grip onto the inside diameter of the
• Groove which is centrally placed, giving the tool a positive
  lock onto the sealring prior to actuation to reliably remove from
  the hub and hold until the ROV is ready to release it.
• Sealring is released automatically when the hydraulic 
  actuation has been released.

Seal Face Cleaning Tool
Profiled shape to ensure the entire seal face is cleaned
• Guide cone to assist ROV insertion into the hub. 
• Once located the ROV simply rotates or oscillates the
  tool to give rapid and reliable cleaning.
• Specially selected polymeric bristles containing additives
  to facilitate the cleaning action.
• Motorized tool also available.

Seal & Bore Cleaning Tool
Bore cleaning facility for use where the Vector Optima subsea 
  connector hub is to be fitted with one of Vector’s soft seal 
  Pressure Caps.
• Pressure caps seal on the bore of the hub, so this
  type of cleaning tool cleans the bore and Vector Duoseal seat.
• Can also be used for other applications where the bore 
  needs to be cleaned.

Soft Land System• Available as part of fully engineered solution
• Initial "Hard Land", followed by hydraulic controlled "Soft Land"
• Wire line installation and removal
• ROV actuated


Other Subsea Components
Pressure Equipment :
•  piping, spools, gooseneck piping supports
•  spacers/adaptors
•  block elbows
•  laydown clamps
•  temporary test clamps

Structural :
•  fabricated supports
•  tooling
•  lifting / pulling blinds
•  auxillary clamps
•  guide funnels etc

Hot Stab Components :
•  Provided as part of Optima assembly
•  Allows for ROV testing of annulas seal
•  Dummy plugs available when in use

Other :
•  Cathodic protection anodes
•  Anode calculations to DNV-RP-B401

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