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Vector Flangelok connector

Vector Flangelok has been developed to offer a smaller, more reliable and higher integrity alternative to conventional flanges. Developed as a derivative of the well established Vector Techlok product range, Flangelok employs the same proven, pressure energized Vector Techlok sealring. When sized to match the pipe bore, Flangelok allows for a much more compact and/or high performance flange to be engineered. This concept has now been realized as a defined product range for existing ASME pressure classes which provides for significant weight and space reduction without sacrificing external load capacity or code compliance.

Vector Flangelok is a versatile product with several flange configurations to suit application needs, together with a host of variants of the Techlok sealring to fulfill all aspects of oilfield and petrochemical operations.

Vector Flangelok is smaller and easier to handle in confined spaces, utilizing smaller bolting and tightened with standard tooling. This will contribute to significant savings, particularly where exotic materials are specified. Flangelok is available in sizes 1” to 24” and ASME pressure classes 600lb to 2500lb (larger or bespoke sizes available on request) ; API 5K and 10K equivalent rated Flangeloks are derived from the 1500lb and 2500lb dimensions respectively

  • Greatly reduced size over standard API and ANSI  flanges of the same rating, giving substantial weight and space reduction. Shorter, lighter, more compact joint assembly makes handling easier [1]
  • Proven Seal Technology : Unique sealing system using the well proven Vector Techlok sealring for maximum high pressure and high temperature reliability [2]
  • Variety of “face-to-face” configurations to suit piping design and operational preferences [3]
  • Minimized weld neck taper : results in extra bolt clearance and reduced overall length [4]
  • Standard bolting : Utilizes standard bolts for straightforward speedy bolting procedures. Smaller bolts require reduced assembly torque.) [5]
  • Smooth bore profile ensures maximum flow [6]
  • Non-recessed option : allowing for easier disassembly and flange separation in service [7]
  • Sealring options : Vector FlangeLok is also available with many seal options for process and metering applications [8]

Proven seal Technology
The versatility of the Vector Techlok sealring range provides many options for Vector Flangelok users. Having been developed over many years (with Techlok connectors) Vector Flangelok now benefits by using exactly the same seal configuration ; with stock availability in standard materials.

Sealring types :  blind sealring , orifice sealring, flow straightener sealring, transition sealring , RIT test seals, strainer, insulating sealring.  Please click here for more information.

Flange options :
various Flangelok facings, Thermowell Flangelok, Weld-o-Flangelok, Sweep-o-Flangelok, Block elbows/tees, Flangelok spools, Orifice Flangelok assemblies 

Perform a line leak test to save time and ensure seal integrity. The integral test pipe allows the RIT-ring to be “retro fitted” to existing equipment, whilst RIT-rings with no test pipe are used in hubs/flanges with pre-drilled test ports and for those joints using recessed seat pockets which would prevent the exit of the test pipe.

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