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Vector Techlok Clamp Connector - Benefits

IntroductionVector Techlok Clamp Connectors are the most effective and economical pipe connection system available today.Typically several Vector Techlok joints can be installed in the time it takes to assemble a single standard ANSI or API flange. Conventional ANSI or API flanges with their 4 to 24 bolts require accurate alignment to ensure a seal, whereas Vector Techlok Clamp Connectors have only four bolts, no alignment problems and require less bolt loads. High pressure systems are not a problem, with Vector  Techlok Clamp Connectors working in applications where pressures of 60,000psi and above are found; and when it comes to offshore applications where topside loading is critical, Vector Techlok low weight is a real advantage - a factor applicable in any industry where weight and overall installation cost is a consideration.

  • Vector Techlok Clamp connectors are up to 75% lighter and significantly smaller than a comparable  ANSI or API flange.
  • Less bolting, no alignment : only 4 bolts to tighten rather than up to 24 on a conventional flange, with no bolt holes to align.
  • Radial bolting on our clamp connector allows 360° orientation around the pipe.
  • Lower bolt torque : typically 50% less than that for a ring joint flange. Sealing integrity is as  well unaffected by over-tensioning bolts.
  • Minimise maintenance downtime thanks to a quicker assembly and disassembly.
  • Reusable sealrings : unlike spiral-wound gaskets, the Vector Techlok clamp connector makes use of reusable sealrings giving greater flexibility for hydro-testing and commissioning prior to service.
  • Support / Interface with 3rd party equipment such as valves, pumps and metering equipment.
  • Vector Techlok Clamp Connectors are the preferred solution where space, weight and joint integrity are critical.



External bending forcesAs is well known, external bending forces are an inevitable part of any piping system, resulting in high stresses being placed on pipe joints. Independent strain gauge and destructive tests have shown the Vector Techlok clamp connector can withstand considerable bending moments/forces and axial loading under pressure without leaking or the bolts coming loose, greatly reducing maintenance costs at the same time as being highly beneficial to the environment.

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