vector | 4-bolt & 6-bolt closures
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4-bolt & 6-bolt Vector Techlok closures 

4-bolt Vector Techlok Closures 2”- 26”4-Bolt Vector Techlok Closures offer reliable and robust sealing
utilising many of the standard parts of the time-proven Techlok
clamp connector system and Vector Techlok metal-to-metal sealring.

The simplicity of the design allows customers to use the pressure rating table published in the Vector  Techlok catalogue as a pressure rating guide. If pressure ratings above the catalogue ratings are required Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies can design a suitable closure for the application. Closure working pressures of up to 15,000psi can be accommodated, with higher pressures by custom design. During opening the clamps are fully supported using a rail system which is suitable for horizontal and vertical configuration..

Size rangeSupplied in sizes from 2-26”, the 4-bolt range covers most of the common launcher sizes. Non-standard sizes can be accommodated on request. Closures can be supplied for horizontal or vertical configuration with various options including opening hinges, davits or lifting eyes and safety interlocks.


Pressure energized sealingThe Vector  Techlok sealring offers several advantages over
conventional gaskets types; for example, the gasket
forces and seal diameter are minimal, enabling the load
capacity of the components to be maximized, and the
lack of a conventional flange gasket gives a gas-tight
metal-to-metal seal.



6-Bolt Vector Techlok Closures
28”- 42”
For Vector Techlok closures above 28” it is preferable to use a 3-piece 6-Bolt Vector Techlok design.

The smaller clamp segments distribute the clamp force more evenly and are easier to handle on-site.

6-bolt closures can be fitted with an integral pressure check bleed screw and interlock to facilitate safe opening.

Available options :• Interlocks with integrated pressure check bleed screw.
• Bleed valves and pressure gauges.
• Hinges, davits or lift eyes for horizontal or vertical door opening.
• Seal retention in the blind door to minimize the risk of seal damage when the door is opened during service.
• Leadscrew torque reaction points, drive buckets or motorized options.